Debbie refuses to help Matt with a new scheme in Romania.

Radio Times: Debbie’s loyalties are put to the test.

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  • Ryan has been up in court for the burglary at the Stables. They found loads of stolen goods as well as their stuff. He pleaded guilty and got 6 months. Turns out there is an opportunity for some work for Eddie at Bridge Farm after all if David remembers to pass on the message. In a discussion about children between Tony, Alistair and David, Alistair also has heard the rumour that Tom is dating Annette which horrifies Tony but David is able to quash.
  • Matt and Debbie have their meeting. She tries to explain that she has to speak the board because there is a risk that they will not want her to stay on as they will see her as Matt’s creature but Matt thinks since Brian has stabbed him in the back he won’t let the board touch her. He then tries to involve her in a scheme in Romania but she turns him down. Lilian sees that as letting him down. Matt needs someone to have some faith in him.

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