Debbie is persuaded into a business meeting with Matt against her better judgement.

Radio Times: Marshall gets a baptism of fire.

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  • Tom is helping out with the Brookfield silage when David accidentally mentions Annette leading Tom to launch into a tirade about how he wouldn’t go out with her if he paid her.
  • Marshall is worried that Brian doesn’t like him but Debbie says he’ll get over it. Debbie tries to explain the complicated family situation but Marshall thinks it is all fascinating.
  • Peep is very upset about her biology exam and Tom reminds them how his after GCSE party resulted in the village hall being trashed. David tries to distract her by taking photos of barn owls nesting.
  • When Marshall meets Lilian things go well but she isn’t interested in a reconciliation with Jennifer. Matt joins the tea party and persuades Debbie into a business meeting. Marshall is surprised she agreed but she didn’t know what else to say.

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