Pat and Tony’s drainage scheme gets the go ahead. Brian seems worried that Marshall makes cakes and jam.

Radio Times: Brian meets the other man in Debbie’s life.

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  • It’s Pat and Tony’s planning committee meeting for their new drainage system. There seem to be a lot of worries about the potential smell. But nonetheless the approval is given. The Council was right behind the scheme from the word go. So it’s all steam ahead, but unfortunately no work in it for Eddie. Unless Pat can persuade the contractor he might be needed.
  • Brian finally gets to meet Marshall. The initial family gossip goes well until it gets onto Lilian but Debbie thinks she might be able to smooth things over. And Brian seems rather startled to hear that Marshall makes cakes and jam! And Brian is keen to get onto business talk with Debbie. It does turn out that she is keen to get the set aside into production which Brian is a bit surprised about.

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