Joe’s treasure trove isn’t worth much but he is convinced they will make a fortune if they can find the hoard.

Radio Times: Joe discovers buried treasure.

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  • Joe takes his coins to look them up on Robert’s computer but Robert knows a fair bit of coins already. Most of the coins aren’t worth much but there are a few that might be worth £10 or £20. Joe is initially disappointed but then decides the coins must be the beginning of a hoard from the settlement on Grange Farm. Joe doesn’t think they can go searching for more but Eddie is convinced it’s coins found on Grundy land so are theirs by rights. Money is still tight and Joe thinks there might be work on the Bridge Farm drainage system but Eddie is convinced it will be turned down.
  • Susan is very annoyed that Mike has assumed Vicky is included in the dinner invitation. She now thinks she has to make a fuss but Eddie knows she is as keen to find out what Vicky is like as the rest of them.
  • Pip’s exams seem to be going well even though she is quite wound up. It’s worse for the parents than the children Ruth thinks.

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