Mike finally brings Vicky to the Bull and invites her to Neil’s birthday supper.

Radio Times: Mike shows off a new attachment.

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  • Mike is finally introducing Vicky to the Bull though Brenda is reluctant to go along. She seems to get on well with Neil suggests she comes to the Single Wicket Competition. Then Mike just makes the assumption that Vicky is also invited to Neil’s birthday dinner which takes him by surprise. Brian instantly gets his eye on Vicky – she’s young and not bad looking!
  • Jennifer is determined to go ahead with the big family party even though most of the family can’t be there. She seems to think most people can just drop their plans to fit in with hers. Lilian and Matt still aren’t even speaking to them.
  • Adam is still determined to get the set aside back into production rather than cover crops for the shoot but Brian thinks Debbie won’t agree. She is going to be busy while she’s over. Brian thinks Marshall is going to be bored.
  • Mike brings Vicky back for a coffee and they find her in tears. She dashes off to bed and Vicky sends Mike after her. She needs her Dad.

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