After hearing from Sophie again, Ruth agrees to spend the night in Oxford with Sam.

Radio Times: Ruth faces a moral dilemma.

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  • Kirsty bumps into Ruth and wonders if she has heard anything. Kirsty just can’t understand how it all happened. She really thought she and Sam had a solid relationship – maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing. But Kirsty is sure there is no one else – how could there be.
  • Bert is on the mend but still not well. Sam and David seem still to be coping but Pip still isn’t speaking to Ruth. David thinks he might be able to help. Ruth is still not sure about spending a night with Sam. She feels very guilty about Kirsty but Sam tries to persuade her that there was never anything there.
  • Neil seems convinced that it was not lighting the fire that caused the moaning noise. He thinks he’s sorted it now. More than David has with Pip – he’s got 5 years more of sulks and tantrums to look forward too.
  • Ruth isn’t having a great time with the boys either. Then she finds David has left his phone at home and when she answers it – it’s Sophie. She is inviting David to an event at Sundial House. Ruth breaks down and heads off for Sam. She will definitely go to Oxford next week.

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