Ruth’s new romance hots up. David is oblivious to it all.

Radio Times: Ruth and Sam have fireworks on bonfire night.

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  • Still determined to prove himself as a strong family man and devoted husband, David takes the boys along while he and Mike build the village bonfire. Josh and Ben discover a hibernating hedgehog in the bonfire, and want to keep it. Mike asks if Ruth is all right, but David doesn’t appear to have noticed anything amiss.
  • With David out and Pip closeted with Izzy in her room, Ruth loses no time in seeing Sam. They are both longing for their night in Oxford, and the passion between them is palpable.
  • Jennifer takes Jack shopping for Peggy’s birthday present, but he’s so confused that he can’t remember what he bought or who it is for. He’s even more confused when Jennifer takes him to the bonfire and the Brookfield boys tell him about their hedgehog.
  • Jill invites David and Ruth to supper to celebrate Phil and Jill’s anniversary, but Ruth is abstracted and barely answers. A concerned Jill tells David she will always have the children if he and Ruth need time together. Yet again, David doesn’t seem to have noticed anything.
  • The bonfire is underway and the fireworks start. David drones happily on about next year, and it’s all too much for Ruth, who starts to cry.

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