Alan counsels Mike about Betty’s loss. Peggy starts to think about her replacement.

Radio Times: Roy goes into overdrive.

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  • Roy thinks he can manage some of his shifts at Grey Gables but Caroline will have none of it. His place is with Mike and Brenda; he should forget about Grey Gables and come back only when ready. He spots some Borchester Estates literature on Caroline’s desk but she avoids an explanation.
  • Peggy has been to see Marjorie at The Laurels. Good news! The owner is retiring but has decided to sell the home as a going concern, so Marjorie will not need to move.
  • Alan calls on Mike and finds him working on a hedge. Mike wants the funeral to be at St Stephen’s with family only at the crematorium. He urges Mike to give himself permission to grieve.
  • Tony has taken Jack for a drink. He is very upset about Betty and is trying to decide what to do about the shop; they don’t want to sell it. Now would be a good time to approach Susan about managing it: she might be in fear if losing her job when the new owner of The Laurels takes over.
  • Back at Willow Farm, Alan does his best to dissipate Mike’s anger; he is convinced that Betty was let out of hospital too soon but he cannot put his finger on anything wrong. He is troubled by the thought of what is happening now to Betty’s body but Alan steers him towards the idea that the real Betty has moved on and is with God. He should try to draw strength from family and friends and from his memories. Prayer might help too. No matter how dark things seem there will be a way to get through.

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