Christmas comes early for Phoebe, before her trip to South Africa.

Radio Times: Tom provides a shoulder to cry on.

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  • It is not difficult for Amy to hold the fort in the shop: Betty had everything so well organised.
  • Since Mike will not go to Home Farm for Phoebe’s special early Christmas party, Brenda will not go either; she does not want to leave him on his own. Brenda is rather surprised that Phoebe is still going to Africa but Roy and Hayley have talked it through and decided that would be best; she is too young to understand what the funeral is all about.
  • Tony has had a bright idea (he gets them occasionally!): as well as a Christmas bonus for Clarrie and Colin, he will give them a hamper of Bridge Farm produce. Betty’s death has really knocked Clarrie for six.
  • Tom calls to see how Brenda is coping and offers to take her for a drink; maybe later in the week but right now she cannot leave her father – he is heartbroken and in a daze.
  • Phoebe enjoyed the party in which all the Aldridges played a part. Hayley got a bit upset when she had been reminded of how Betty used to enjoy brushing Phoebe’s hair.
  • The Christmas tree has been installed at Bridge Farm but decorating it must wait until tomorrow when Helen will be in. She is happy to put some of her cheese in the staff hampers and Tom is pleased to be invited to add some sausages – a nice gesture by Tony for which Pat is really proud of him. Tony feels that Betty’s death puts lesser troubles into perspective – time for a hug.

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