Alan makes a stand about the homeless; Caroline and Jack differ about the new chef.

Radio Times: Jack gets set in his ways.

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  • If Alan thought he was going to spend the day outside the church dressed, for realism, in just his cassock, he reckoned without Jill: one of Phil’s coats is donated to keep him warm now and someone else later. Joe has stopped to talk but most people have ignored him so far.
  • Jack is finding the chef interviews hard going and needs more time between them to ‘digest’ what has been said.
  • Clarrie has brought some sandwiches for Alan and the news that Ed has passed his driving test. Susan also brings sandwiches (no worries, Joe is on hand to help eat them) and some admiration for standing up for his beliefs; she has also been thinking about his remarks about the vulnerability of children, all children.
  • Ian shows up well at interview. This is just the kind of opportunity he has been looking for; he has lots of ideas to build upon the existing reputation. His speciality, he reckons, is puddings.
  • In the busy lambing season, Ruth has appreciated a bit of help from Jill today. She reports that Shula is still very angry. David has not said much about his conversation with Alistair but he clearly feels pretty wretched.
  • Caroline is exhausted after the day’s deliberations and hopes it was not all for nothing. To her, Ian stood out but Jack thinks he is inexperienced. Jack favours the distinctly ordinary Bernie. Oliver’s suggestion is to invite them to a cook-off.
  • Clarrie’s experience of homelessness has made her sympathetic to Alan’s cause. Their conversation turns to weddings; in the modern world does the bride’s family still pay for everything – probably not. Eddie has strong views on morning suits: wearing them to look like a monkey, also paying for them. Alan retires to a hot bath. He has talked to a few people about the shelter but he is not stopping now; there is a long way to go.

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