Usha’s very special portrait is unveiled by a very smitten artist.

Radio Times: A grand unveiling for Usha.

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  • David is looking forward to a bath and an early night but he has forgotten about Usha’s portrait unveiling; yes, they do both have to go. Ruth thinks Alan’s vigil was worthwhile and it has prompted generous donations from Peggy and from Brian. Alistair is perhaps not in a position to give much; it’s funny how David has become the village agony aunt, first for Brian now for Alistair.
  • Usha has still not seen the portrait but a few more minutes won’t kill her. About a dozen people are expected but Ashok would be just as happy if no-one came.
  • Shula is quick with a sarcastic remark when she catches Alistair raiding Daniel’s dinner money; the loan should be through by Monday so he can pay David and Eddie. Alistair is annoyed that Kenton is spreading the news; Shula and her mum have told him not to but when has that made a difference. Shula only told him because she thought he was to blame. Who else has Shula told: Caroline and Alan (that would explain his remarks about the nature of addiction). Alan has received a cheque from Matt Crawford for the shelter, so Shula thinks he is using his winnings to ease his conscience; at least some of their money is going to a good cause! Time to eat but, suddenly, Alistair is not hungry.
  • The portrait is brilliant. Usha loves it. Ashok aimed for unaffected quality; Ruth admires the sparkle in the eyes and wonders if it will be exhibited but that will be up to Usha. While David has his fill of hearing about Elizabeth’s Valentine Ball, Ruth asks whether Ashok would consider a commission to paint all three children; no, he does not normally do portraits but Usha was a special case. So she is sorry she asked and he is sorry if he offended by refusing; a compromise is reached: he (and Usha) will come and take some photographs of the family.

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