Alan makes it clear that Ambridge needs Lynda’s enthusiasm – and so does he.

Radio Times: Nigel lands himself in hot water.

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  • As Hayley meets Susan doing the Christmas window display at the shop, they discuss the idea of Susan and Neil moving house. They would love to buy Woodbine Cottage, but can’t afford it; Hayley and Roy would love to buy the Carters’ house, but can’t afford it, and even renting Honeysuckle Cottage would be beyond them. Living indefinitely with her in-laws is getting to Hayley, and when Lizzie asks her to babysit that evening, so that they can go to Ashok’s gallery, Hayley offers to sleep over.
  • There’s a distinct frost in the air at Lower Loxley, caused by Nigel’s having withdrawn three large amounts from the joint bank account. Nigel’s explanation, that they were for the corporate day at the races, the twins’ train set and … a surprise Christmas present for Lizzie, certainly manages to convince Lizzie, but somehow the memory of Nigel’s Poker losses still hangs in the air.
  • Somehow that frost seems to be hanging over the P.C.C. meeting at St Stephen’s, too. While Bert, Phil, Alan, Shula and Susan enjoy a spirited discussion about whether to replace the stolen items with copies or modern versions, and whether to keep the church open or locked, Lynda is unusually silent. When Alan asks if she’s all right, Lynda’s hurt feelings over his rejection of her Christingle idea and the actors’ obvious preference for Alan’s style of direction are quickly made apparent. With consummate diplomacy, Alan wins her round. Lynda’s enthusiasm is vital to the village, Ambridge needs her and Alan certainly does. The frost starts to melt.

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