The players are revolting. Will Lynda have to change direction?

Radio Times: Lynda has a late-night rehearsal.

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  • Brian seems a bit put out that everything ran smoothly while he was away at the weekend, but he’s very encouraged by Adam’s figures for the harvest profits. In an unaccustomed demonstration of step-fatherly affection, he suggests that they eat at the Bull; all that rich food at the weekend has left him hungry for Jolene’s mid-week carvery. And since Jennifer is out, Brian can sneak a drive in his new car.
  • Lynda has called her rehearsal on the village green. There is not a great deal of enthusiasm for the idea, as it is so cold, and Lynda’s garden lanterns and flares do little to brighten either the Green or the mood of the cast, especially when Alistair falls in the duck-pond. Julia is told she must wear a white suit, which seems to offend Julia’s sense of taste considerably.
  • As soon as they can, the cast fall into the Bull for a warm, and where Alistair is able to remove his soaked shoes and socks. The lucky few who are not in the play think it’s a great joke but Julia decides that Lynda must be removed from her role as director, and that Alan must take sole charge.

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