What’s doing David’s head in? It’s a cow with a vicious kick and he is forced to take it easy.

Radio Times: David gets kicked into touch.

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  • At the kennels, Ed isn’t finding the early mornings easy, and he gets an earful from Oliver for over-sleeping, but relationships are soon restored when Oliver gives him a hand and asks about Ed’s thinking skills course. Oliver reminds him that he’s lucky to have a second chance, and for once, Ed is in agreement. A large plateful of Caroline’s Shepherd’s Pie after their morning’s work is just what Ed needs to restore him. His efforts at being a well-mannered guest go down well with Caroline, and encourage her to get on with form-filling for the social worker.
  • Ed isn’t the only one making an effort to be nice. At Brookfield, David has resolved to shake off his fit of the miseries, but is rewarded by a kick in the head from one of the cows. He tries to make light of it, but when Ruth realises he’s dizzy, she makes him go to casualty. He’s ordered to take 24 hours off, which does not go down well. It does offer David some interesting suggestions as to how he and Ruth might spend the afternoon, but Ruth has a more practical idea; they’ll talk about Pip’s school. Ruth isn’t at all pleased with the way the decision was made, but she’ll go along with it. Pip will need private coaching, though – but only as long as Phil promises to get off Pip’s back about the piano.

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