Pip has the solution to all her family’s woes: she is going to be a millionaire pop musician.

Radio Times: Ruth is worried about Pip’s future.

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  • If David thought last week was bad, this one looks like being even worse. He and Ruth have some sharp words over the deal he made with Pip over her schooling; Ruth’s too busy with the children to see to a cow that is bulling, and another customer has cancelled her beef order because of the TB. Then to crown it all, Bert announces that he wants 5 days off at Christmas, just when David thought he had completed the rota.
  • Hot on the heels of his ‘relevant’ interpretation of the Mystery Plays, Alan now thinks that Advent and Christmas services at St. Stephen’s should be more ‘inclusive’. Out go the Christingle and the 9 Lessons and Carols – in come Your Top Ten Carols – and just when Lynda had been in touch with the orange supplier.
  • David isn’t the only one with worries. Shula confides to Ruth that Alistair has lost another farm client to the new vets, and although she’s managed to get a few livery customers back, she’s still not at full strength.
  • Pip has noticed how low David is, and she knows the cause, but as she tells Ruth, it will all be fine once she’s a famous musician and a millionaire into the bargain. Not that the Cathedral School will have much to do with it – Pip is going to be a Pop musician, a singer and dancer. With relief in her voice, Ruth tells Pip to go for it.

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