Bad moods all round in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Pip faces a big dilemma.

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  • The uncertainty over Pip’s future school is getting to her, and David overhears a spat between her and Phil, who has criticised her piano teacher. When David goes upstairs to say goodnight to her, Pip tells him she can’t make her mind up, so David does it for her. She’ll take the entrance tests for the Cathedral School and apply to Borchester Green; if she’s successful, she can go to the Cathedral School, and if not, she’ll still have a place at Borchester.
  • If only Hayley’s problems could be solved so easily. She’s finding life with the in-laws a big strain. Not only do they have to share the washing machine and TV, but Hayley’s short of sleep because Mike crashes milk bottles around at 4 a.m. And, as she confides to Brenda, the lack of sound-proofing plus Roy’s work commitments are wrecking their sex-life. Brenda is sympathetic; she’d love to move out, too, but young people just can’t afford to buy in Ambridge. But there just might be a glimmer of hope; in a conversation at the village shop, David tells Hayley that Neil and Susan are thinking of moving. Their ex-council house just might be within their means …
  • Although Brenda is sympathetic towards Hayley, she feels less so towards Joe. She has to try and interview him about his barn with rain coming down and turkeys attacking her feet. The interview is somewhat rudely interrupted by Ed, who is not enjoying his first day off since starting work at the kennels. Joe reminds him that they are all having a take-away for Eddie and Clarrie’s 22nd wedding anniversary. The prospect doesn’t seem too appealing to Ed, so he plans to get away quickly and see Fallon for a drink. But even this doesn’t go according to plan; Fallon gives him an earful over the phone about slaving for the toffs. He hates the way this job has come between them.

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