It’s not Lynda’s day as her co-director enforces his views on how the plays should be done.

Radio Times: Brian has a birthday.

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  • It’s Brian’s 60th birthday, and Peggy and Jack have called round with a wonderful new personal organiser for him. Brian puts on a very convincing display of pleasure – but since the new car with its leather upholstery has been delivered, and Debbie has phoned, it’s bound to be a good day for him.
  • The atmosphere between Alan and Lynda is distinctly frosty, and Lynda does her best ‘We are not amused’ act when Alan tries to humour her. The crunch comes when Alan insists that the production should be in modern-dress to make it ‘relevant’, and Shula finds herself caught in the middle.
  • Despite being told to do light work only, Brian is discovered by Jennifer heaving fencing posts around. She has come to tell him that this is the day he might never have seen – he’s so precious to her – she loves him so much. And Brian tells her how much he loves her, too. Then comes Jennifer’s trump card. It was Ruairidh’s birthday last week, wasn’t it; did Brian hear anything of him? That certainly catches Brian out, and he is forced to admit that he had an email picture. But he’s quick to say that he didn’t reply; that was the deal. The oh-so-noble Jennifer says that if he should ever want to show her the photos … and that leads to another outpouring from the oh-so-devoted Brian; Jenny is the most amazing woman etc. etc.
  • Things are in full swing at Brian’s birthday bash, to which Lynda has not been invited. Alan is upset that further vandalism has occurred at the church; two angels have been chipped off a tombstone. But all that is forgotten as the guests sing Happy Birthday, and For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. One or two of the guests, whose memories are not as short as others’ find that one a bit hard.

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