David states his case and silences any criticism from his fellow Parish Councillors.

Radio Times: Oliver and Caroline face Social Services.

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  • David’s big set-to with Graham Ryder is by no means the end of the affair. George is worried that David might react similarly to Derek Fletcher, who seems likely to call for a vote of no confidence in David as an impartial parish Councillor. When his moment offers itself, David launches into an eloquent defence of his actions, and makes it clear that it is exactly that eloquence and fire that is needed in a Parish Councillor. The meeting applauds him warmly, and manages to silence Derek Fletcher.
  • After the meeting, Neil mentions Susan’s upwardly-mobile ambitions. David suggests Woodbine cottage, but it’s probably out of their price range and a bit small. Neil is aware that Susan’s dreams are of a house on the new estate; a dream Neil doesn’t share.
  • The big day has come for Oliver and Caroline, who are preparing to meet the social worker, Bridget, and to present themselves as distinctly un-posh. To this end, Caroline has resorted to instant coffee, probably for the first time in her life. While she does quite well at maintaining the new image, Oliver manages even better. His mobile rings – it’s a call from Carl the Huntsman’s wife – with a distinctly naff ring-tone. A mortified Caroline has to explain their involvement with the Hunt, which may not be entirely in line with Bridget’s Guardian-reading ideology, though as Caroline says hopefully, as a professional she should be able to discount such things.

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