Alan tells the village to give up gossip and perform random acts of kindness during Lent.

Radio Times: Alan sets an intriguing challenge and Tom piles on the pressure.

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  • Tom is still trying to encourage Tony to get on with clearing up the farm and offers to help but Tony just refuses to engage and still says he doesn’t see the point. He ends up shouting at Tom that he isn’t some sort of farm hand and Tom isn’t the boss.
  • Alan tells his congregation that he doesn’t think this year is necessarily a time for giving up more material things given how much people have already cut back during the downturn. He suggests they should aim to give up gossip and should aim instead for random acts of kindness.
  • Neil is just about finishing Number 6 as his first random act of kindness – though from selfish reasons so they can have their house back to themselves. Shula tells Jill she thinks Susan will find giving up gossip difficult. Oh, the irony! Jill is going to tackle the garden. She can’t ask David to help. He is so worried about the farm. He feels he is being asked to choose between Josh and Pip and is even thinking about Ben. Shula thinks they should plan on the here and now and not on what ifs.
  • Neil and Brian have a chat about the public meeting on Friday. Brian wants three of the board to front the meeting with Debbie and Brian both having a slot but Neil is firm. This isn’t a publicity exercise for BL. Just one presentation will be enough.
  • Tony tries to wind Brian up by saying that at least his family is united about the dairy but Brian responds that with Lilian in favour it is Tony that is the odd one out of the siblings. Tony responds with “Just like Adam then”.
  • Jill is shocked to hear Shula has bought Topper. She noticed the atmosphere between Alistair and Shula at tea. Freddie doesn’t know yet. She is going to tell him when he’s old enough to ride him. Jill tells her not to let things fester with Alistair but she just responds it’s up to Alistair to come round.

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