Kylie visits Bert and Bridge Farm. She tells Helen that Rich is curious to know about his family.

Radio Times: Bert Horrobin tries his luck, and Kylie causes a stir.

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  • Bert gets a surprise visit from Kylie though Gary is still in bed. After she has gone, Bert tries to tell Neil he should paint Gary’s room too!
  • Kylie then drops in to Bridge Farm and they reminisce a bit about the past. Pat can’t stop asking about Rich, of course. Pat is gathering support for the meeting on Friday. Joe and Ed will be there. Pat is still trying to imagine Brookfield without a herd.
  • Helen drops Kylie back to Ambridge View. She doesn’t remember Helen but does remember his mobile disco. They chat about Rich a bit. Kylie tries to explain Sharon’s position. She’s very protective of him. She also admits that it’s not strictly true that Rich has shown no interest in his family. He’s mentioned it to Kylie a few times but would never dare raise it with Sharon. And Kylie hasn’t told him anything either. She promised Sharon she wouldn’t. Kylie doesn’t think it’s right but that’s the way it is. Helen says they would all so much like to get to know Rich. He could heal a huge scar in the family. She even suggests she could approach Kylie but Kylie is adamant she won’t change her mind.

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