Alan auctions Eddie’s offer a water feature saying the person can choose the most expensive in the catalogue. Vicky wins.

Radio Times: Tension mounts at the auction of promises, but there are questions over who will snap up Harry.

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  • The cows are out at Brookfield again today. Always a good sight – and a natural one. Usha is disgusted by the BL plans as well though she didn’t quite understand them.
  • Jim harangues Alan about the woolly giving up things for Lent plans. One man’s gossip is another man’s need to know.
  • The Promises Auction starts off with the Ed and George Slug Patrol. Alan auctions Eddie’s water feature and specifically says the winner can choose even the most expensive in the catalogue if he wants. Neither Eddie nor Clarrie are there. It sells for £65 to Vicky. Lynda’s surprise offering is for Lynda’s llamas to come and cut someone’s grass. It doesn’t get much interest but Alan puts £30 in a sympathy bid. After a lot of interest in Harry – including from Usha, he sells for £85 to Sabrina Thwaite. The same offer of 4 hours digging from Oliver doesn’t attract the same interest! But Jim bought him for Joe – a random act of kindness.

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