Tony and Tom have another row but both realise they have gone too far and try to calm down.

Radio Times: Jim conjures up some mathematical wizardry. Meanwhile, Eddie reveals his cards.

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  • Tom is delivering a veg box to Lilian who admits she hardly uses them. She only buys them out of loyalty really. Tom uses the chance to ask her if she’d prefer more exotic fruit. She says she’d certainly prefer chillies and aubergines to celeriac and swede. But she disappoints him by saying she is supporting Brian. The area needs the jobs.
  • Eddie and Mike are laughing at Lynda’s lot at the auction. Robert and Lynda have bought their green burial grounds. Mike lets him know which one he wants and tells him he wants the £99 one. Eddie asks for the cash and Mike is furious.
  • The auction raised £703. Much better to raise their own money than take BL’s shilling.
  • The next row is about the Eddie/Joe share of the cider. Joe has come down to 70% but Mike is convinced 50/50%. Jim sounds as if he is beginning to see a way through. What he ends up doing is just befuddling them with the numbers and rather than any of them admit they don’t know what he is talking about they all agree. Lilian sees right through him but she isn’t telling.
  • Tom raises the idea of expanding the polytunnels again to expand the range. Tony still isn’t listening and whines on again about it’s all too hard. Tom gets fed up and walks off. Later they try a bit of rapprochement with Tom asking about the sick cow and Tony suggesting tomorrow for clearing up the yard.

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