Alice agrees to be more supportive of Jennifer but has another show down with Brian.

Radio Times: Alice refuses to play ball.

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  • Jennifer is getting the bedroom ready for Ruairi. Brian thinks she’s done a wonderful job.
  • Lynda is pleased to find that she has had a reply from Borchester Life to her fake e-mail address which proves she was being blacklisted. But she is less impressed to find that her B&B guests are leaving early. Was it her fault? But it turns out they were dashing home to their dog which had had pups but they’d had a lovely time.
  • Alice is still furious. Adam tries to calm her down but she still doesn’t know why they weren’t enough for Brian. But Adam does seem to make some headway in getting her to be more supportive of Jennifer.
  • Brian tries to involve Alice in preparing for Ruairi but she is still furious. He’s a proven liar. How can she possibly trust him? What other lies has he told? If he wants to bring his son to Home Farm then she can’t stop him. But he can’t expect her to welcome him in.

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