Ambridge lose the cricket by one run. Alice is urged to welcome Ruairidh tomorrow.

Radio Times: It’s D-Day on the cricket pitch.

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  • It’s Ambridge’s big day on the cricket field – the county final. They have been set a target of 174 which is achievable if they don’t go mad.
  • Brian is leaving for Ireland to bring Ruairidh back tomorrow but he is anxious about Alice’s reaction. He wants to talk to her but she is nowhere to be found.
  • Adam is already out when a worried Jennifer rings to see if he has seen Alice. That is the cue for Alice to reappear: she had been down to the lake.
  • The last over. Ambridge need 9. David hits a six. Is it enough? Tension mounts.
  • Alice doesn’t want to talk; she feels that she is being given no choice. Jennifer appeals to her to think of a little boy who has lost his mum. They are doing what is best for Ruairidh. He needs to feel safe – and welcome. He arrives tomorrow afternoon and it would be really nice if she could be there to welcome him.
  • The cricket team are pleased with their effort. They acquitted themselves well but it was not quite enough: they lost by one run.

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