Alice catches Brian looking at pictures of Ruairidh but Jennifer says he’ll regret it if he ever tells her the truth.

Radio Times: Jennifer can’t forgive and forget.

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  • The first night of the pantomime went well. Jill was demented and started chasing the children but Lilian was a nightmare. Chris Carter managed to get a plug in for Tom Archer sausages! Most of the cast headed straight home afterwards but Kenton whisked Kathy in Borchester for Unengagement Celebrations!
  • Lambing is starting at Home Farm. Adam and Eddie are already having a busy night. Eddie is shocked to learn that Brian might be giving up on the sheep. He’s always relied on lambing for a couple weeks work at the beginning of the year.
  • Alice comes across Brian looking at pictures or Ruairidh. She doesn’t understand why he has pictures of Mrs Hathaway. He tries to convince her that it was just a Christmas round robin. He tells Jennifer and she is furious. He thinks Alice should be told but Jennifer won’t have any of it. It tears her to pieces to know he is still in contact with Siobhan but if he brings that mess into the heart of the family, he will regret it.

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