Brenda agrees to go to a night club with Helen to keep an eye on her. Kathy doesn’t seem quite convinced about the engagement being off.

Radio Times: Brenda acts the chaperone.

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  • Brenda is helping out with the pigs but it is rather chilly. At least it’s away from the telly. It’s a pity they can’t spend New Year’s Eve together but it’s important to Pat – to have all the family together. They plan to go Banger Racing on New Year’s Day as well – but definitely without Helen. They’ve had enough of her. A couple of drinks and she’s everyone’s “new best friend”.
  • Bert pops round to see the triplets but he doesn’t want David to think that he can’t fill in his time – he’s got lots to do – clearing out the woodshed and spending time on the pantomime. Bert is also worried that they haven’t got a permanent replacement for Sam. It will be a while if they advertise and then the person needs to work their notice.
  • Helen was out all night last night and will be out tonight as well, making the most of the time while the shop is shut. Helen is trying to avoid the New Year’s Eve meal but Pat turns the screws by saying it might be the last time they can do this for Peggy and Jack so Helen very reluctantly agrees.
  • Kathy is pleased that the engagement is off but she wouldn’t have minded if Kenton had been a little bit upset. He didn’t need to act like he’d been reprieved from Death Row. Pat tells her she’s got what she wanted so she should enjoy it. Kathy doesn’t sound entirely convinced but then she gets a very strange text from Kenton…

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