Kathy bites the bullet and tells Kenton she can’t marry him. He is thrilled.

Radio Times: Every cloud has a silver lining for Kenton.

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  • Joe is complaining about his beard. Why does he have to wear it at a technical rehearsal? Kathy is meeting Kenton for a drink later – there is certainly a lot to sort out. Clarrie and Eddie’s Christmas went well too. Ed and William managed to sit in the same room and watch television for a while. It’s a start.
  • Lynda is making the cast suffer through the technical rehearsal – at least the ones who haven’t wandered off. So she threatens to drop anyone from the play who she even finds in possession of tobacco, matches or a lighter. She isn’t going to waste any more time.
  • Kathy finds the engagement ring and finally gets up the courage to tell Kenton she can’t marry him. She is pleased he isn’t hurt but a little surprised at just how ecstatic he is!

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