Alice enjoys her day; Elona looks forward to life in Ambridge; Pat dreads the future.

Radio Times: There are some birthday surprises for Alice, and Peggy proves to be very persuasive.

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  • It’s lovely! Alice is very pleased with the home-made candlestick that Chris has made for her birthday. Her mum has given two lovely Cashmere sweaters; she is actually trying to get rid of clothes; money would have been appreciated so much more. Chris has taken the afternoon off for a birthday picnic – largely on Susan’s reject canapés.
  • It would be nice to have confirmation that Andrew will look after Jake and Mia today but Nic can only leave messages. Eventually a text arrives and all is well. When they meet later, Nic finds Andrew rather reticent when she asks if there is anything ‘going on’ that she should know about. It’s none of her business!
  • Peggy admits to being tired and that is a good opening to broach with Elona the subject of her moving to Ambridge. Peggy explains that Lilian knows about Daryl’s prison term and would still be happy for Elona to have the tenancy. Peggy has maintenance jobs that Daryl could help with – and that could lead to other work. After a call to Daryl, Elona accepts – a perfect solution for all of them.
  • The outside picnic having been rained off, the love-birds have a candle-lit picnic by the fire and contemplate an early night – know what I mean?
  • Pat is in deep gloom after studying the accounts, made worse by a newly arrived fuel bill; it’s this or the mortgage – not to mention the Underwoods penalty charge. There must be something they can do – but what? They have run out of ideas.

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