Will reverts to character and Nic does some straight talking.

Radio Times: Nic receives an upsetting message and Tony realises it is time for decisive action.

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  • It’s clear that Nic is upset, but why? William administers tea and sympathy and proceeds to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • Now that Elizabeth is feeling better, Jolene reminds Kenton that she had invited him to move in – when he thinks the time is right. In fact, Kenton feels that the time is right now; he ought to talk to Elizabeth first. He does so and Elizabeth gives them her blessing.
  • Nic’s problem was a message from Andrew, more for its tone than its content. She let’s Will hear it. Big mistake! Will flies off the handle, as is his wont; he threatens to sort Andrew out. Nic screams that she cannot bear him being with Andrew the way he is with Ed.
  • Needing a listening ear, Tony consults his sister. He explains that they are lurching from one crisis to another. He had thought of asking mum for a loan but he feels he can’t do this on top of her other troubles. Jennifer agrees. Busy preparing for Ruairidh’s return, for the weekend, she can pause just long enough to offer another coffee and the observation that times are difficult for everybody. Great! Tony sees himself out.
  • Will has been thinking about the earlier conversation with Nic. She points out that, with Ed, he starts off defensive and then gets angry. Everybody has to walk around them on eggshells. Couldn’t he have signed Ed’s birthday card? She has always has to tread carefully with Andrew so she doesn’t want Will making things worse. It’s been so lovely between them recently; she doesn’t know what she will do if it all goes wrong.

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