Will seeks motherly advice. Kathy makes a neighbourly gesture. Nic tells Will how she feels.

Radio Times: Kathy makes a kind offer, while Will seeks his mother’s advice.

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  • There is a noticeable tension between Will and Nic after her tirade on Friday, but they take all three children for a walk, and Will carries Mia on his shoulders when she gets tired. Nic seems upset when Will says he is going to Keeper’s Cottage later, but he insists it is just to see if Eddie can do some beating for the shoot.
  • Spirits remain low at Bridge Farm, where Tony deals with a calving. His mood is not improved when Kathy appears, but alters dramatically when Kathy surprises them both with the offer of a loan. Both Pat and Tony are almost speechless, but very grateful, and come to realise who their real friends are. They tell Kathy they are seeing the bank next week, so meanwhile they accept just a box of fudge from her.
  • Will’s real reason for visiting Keeper’s Cottage is to talk to Clarrie. He tells her what Nic said about his attitude to Ed, and how he just wants to protect Nic, because he loves her. Clarrie tells him how she hates the hatred between Ed and Will, but Will blames it all on Ed. Clarrie suggests that it is really because Will isn’t over Emma.
  • Will returns to find a tearful Nic. She tells him that although Andrew can still hurt her, she has no feelings for him. She loves Will, who is far more of a father to Jake and Mia than Andrew ever was. She was afraid that if Will waded in and had things out with Andrew, it would spoil what they have. It is wonderful having Will in her life and she has never been so happy

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