Kenton indulges in nostalgia as he moves into The Bull. Jill and Elizabeth indulge in nostalgia over lunch. Eddie indulges in nostalgia over what might have been.

Radio Times: Kenton makes his move and Elizabeth feels wistful.

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  • As Eddie drives Clarrie to the Job Centre, she is in good spirits, mainly because she has been asked to do a shift in the shop tomorrow. But she is worried about Will’s lingering feelings for Emma and the hatred he has for Ed. She wonders if it might damage his relationship with Nic. Eddie thinks they should just leave Will to sort it out for himself.
  • Kenton packs the car with his books, records and comics for the move to The Bull. He tells Elizabeth that his relationship with Jolene is for keeps; Elizabeth doesn’t seem to share his optimism.
  • Jill and Elizabeth lunch at Redgate Manor to celebrate Jill’s birthday. They discuss Kenton. Neither can understand how Jolene could move on so quickly after being widowed. They each reminisce about their dead husbands, and agree they could never love again. Jill has grave doubts about Kenton and Jolene.
  • Clarrie has no luck at the Job Centre, and over a pint at The Bull, Eddie reflects on what might have been between him and Jolene. Kenton arrives with his treasures, but finds that Jolene is less than enthusiastic about housing them. But she is very enthusiastic about Kenton living there. Kenton agrees; he feels he has come home.

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