Tom takes a positive view. Joe takes a negative view. Jim takes a classical view.

Radio Times: Helen and Tom wait for news, while Clarrie relishes her new role.

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  • Jim recommends the latest book club choice to Joe. He thinks the apple harvest scene would appeal in particular. Joe thinks he might go just for the food. Meanwhile he is upset because Clarrie has been told she is not eligible for any benefit payments yet.
  • Fresh from the food fair, Tom is in high spirits. Not only did he cover his costs and shift endless leaflets, his sausage site has had an amazing thirteen hits and to crown the day, he met a cheese-maker who advised joining Fine Foods. Added to the footballing triumphs of the pigs, success must be just around the corner.
  • Helen is full of praise for the way the leeks have been trimmed, now that Pat has time on her hands. Not only that; Pat and Tony have managed to persuade the bank to let them change to an interest-only mortgage. With scarcely any income and endless bills to pay, that should surely solve their financial problems.
  • Clarrie enjoys her shift in the shop. Gossiping with Susan is just like old times. When she gets home, Clarrie starts sorting out the car boot items, and a gnome catches Jim’s eye and elicits a useful Latin tag. Over a slice of Clarrie’s date and walnut cake, Jim tells her he thinks Joe has lost his zest for life. Clarrie agrees, but blames herself. Now that his birthday party is over, Joe has slipped back into the way he was when they lost the farm.

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