Alice hears the truth from Brian.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer bite the bullet.

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  • Lilian calls to borrow some Rock n’ Roll records from Jennifer, and is concerned to see how tired ad drawn her sister looks. Luckily Adam appears and manages to divert the conversation.
  • Lilian’s dance lessons are paying off, and she’s anxious to move on to faster dances. Mike suggests a Salsa class, but Lilian’s having none of that – she wants to continue with Mike. She tells him she’s concerned about him, and thinks he needs to find a girlfriend. Mike admits that Roy thinks he’s got one, and that it’s Lilian. He is somewhat put out when Lilian roars with laughter at the idea.
  • The prospect of telling Alice about Ruairidh fills Brian and Jennifer with dread, but they manage to do so. Predictably, Alice is very angry and upset. She flounces off to her room.
  • Jennifer tries to explain to Alice, who can’t understand her mother’s lack of pride. Vainly, Jennifer tries to make her see that it was the only way to keep the family together. What family? asks Alice, I haven’t got one any more.

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