Brian hears the painful truth. Sid hears the some cheering news.

Radio Times: News travels fast at Home Farm.

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  • Adam is finding things at Home Farm impossible; he can’t bear to see Alice on a high after her exams, knowing what lies in store when she hears Brian’s news. Ian thinks Adam should tell Debbie, since Brian is too cowardly to do it himself.
  • Brian’s procrastinating over the phone call is abruptly brought to a halt when Debbie rings him. Kate has told her the news, believing that Brian would have told her by now. Debbie is furious, and tells Brian he has betrayed them all, and that he clearly has no love for any of them. In vain Brian tries to put his side of the story, but Debbie’s having none of it. She thinks it will destroy Alice.
  • At the Bull, Jolene is amused at Bert’s new evaluation forms, which have been worded to present him in the best possible light. Even gloomy Sid is amused for a few seconds. But then his source of cricketing information tells him that Netherbourne’s demon bowler was being paid, which is against the rules, and so it looks as though Ambridge might be in the county play-off after all.
  • A shaken Brian rings Adam, begging him to come over and be there when he is forced to tell Jennifer about Debbie’s reaction. He’s afraid Debbie will tell her first.

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