Brian can’t talk to Debbie. Jennifer won’t talk to Bridget. Bert talks too much.

Radio Times: The bubble bursts for Bert.

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  • Siobhán’s death is still a source of grief to Elizabeth, particularly because it’s Siobhán’s birthday on Wednesday. She is determined to have Ruairidh at Lower Loxley as much as possible, providing Jennifer is willing. Nigel thinks he should ring Brian, who obviously can’t confide his feelings to Jennifer.
  • Brian is edgy because he can’t get through to Debbie. When Jennifer suggests he should try her mobile, Brian finds endless reasons not to. Jennifer is edgy, too. She insists that he tell Debbie before they tell Alice about Ruairidh. When Brian tells her that Niamh is going to Germany to collect Ruairidh’s things, Jennifer really loses her cool. They can buy him new things. She won’t have any part in all this. Most of all, she refuses to speak to Bridget about the child. Brian is asking too much of her and she just won’t go along with his plans. Brian is saved by a call from Nigel, suggesting a lunchtime drink.
  • Elizabeth is concerned at the feedback they are getting about Bert’s guiding at Lower Loxley. She decided to follow one of his tours, to see what it’s all about. When she discovers that Bert is introducing his own doggerel into the talk, she has to summon up all her diplomacy to tell him it won’t do. The tours are getting longer and longer, to the annoyance of coach drivers. Bert won’t accept this.
  • Sid’s in a bad mood, still smarting about the cricket defeat. He’s convinced there was foul play, and intends to investigate. Nigel gets an earful of all this, and is relieved when Brian shows up and they can escape into the garden.
  • Brian pours his heart out to Nigel. He can’t show his grief at home, and Adam’s words hurt him badly. He thinks the funeral failed to celebrate Siobhán’s life, and he doesn’t know how to get through to Ruairidh, who just can’t understand that his mother is dead. He’s also worried about telling Debbie. Nigel tells him to leave her a message, asking her to ring him, but Brian puts up endless arguments against the idea.
  • Bert calls to use the computer at the Bull. He’s going to design his own feedback forms, which will give visitors the chance to show him in his true and shining light.

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