Brian finds it hard to talk. Bert finds it hard to stop talking.

Radio Times: Brian reassesses his priorities.

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  • To Brian’s surprise, Jennifer is there to meet him when he flies in from Dublin. He won’t talk about the funeral or Ruairidh. The adoring Jennifer assumes it’s because poor Brian is exhausted, and fusses over him.
  • The Farm Open Day has given Ruth lots of ideas, and she’s keen to talk them over with David. Above all, she wants to be more active in promoting the cause of dairy farmers. David reminds her that the advisor is coming over later to map the farm electronically, and Bert will want to be there.
  • Brian has little appetite for Jenny’s pasta, but he gets little sympathy from Adam, who loses no time in berating Adam for having spoken to David while refusing to ring Jennifer. Brutally, he reminds Brian that Siobhán is dead and buried. Kate, Alice and Debbie are all here and alive, and he needs to talk to them. Weakly, Brian says he’ll start thinking about it. Just do it, says Adam, because if you don’t, I will.
  • Bert manages to monopolise the advisor, who is charmed by his knowledge of Brookfield’s history. Despite this, Ruth and David are delighted with the map, and decide to offer a farm visit to the primary school in the Autumn.
  • After a sleep and a shower, Brian is in better spirits. Jennifer refuses to hear about the funeral, however. She reminds Brian that while he’s been away with his head full of Ruairidh, she’s had to deal with her other children. Alice can’t be told about Ruairidh until Thursday, in case the news spoils her post-exam celebrations. Brian says he needs to work out what to say. At last, Jennifer asserts herself. I’ve told Kate, she says. You tell Debbie, and tell her now.

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