Brian maintains a silence. Ambridge loses a match.

Radio Times: David plays the middleman.

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  • David rings Brian in Dublin, to see how things are. At first Brian is uncommunicative, but he gradually opens up, and David realises just how deep his feelings for Siobhán were. David is taken aback when Brian admits he hasn’t rung Jennifer since the funeral.
  • On the day of a needle cricket match, tensions run high amongst the Ambridge team and supporters. When Ruth arrives and asks how the team is doing, Shula can’t find time to talk to her, she’s too enthralled with Alistair’s fielding.
  • The Farm Open Day has given Ruth lots of ideas, but she’s more concerned to hear how David’s phone call went. She, too, is appalled to hear he hasn’t rung Jennifer, and she’s anxious that they should help with Ruairidh when he comes to Ambridge. They comment on the difficulties Adam will face when his relationship with Brian is already bad – and at that moment, Adam arrives. They are all uncomfortable.
  • Two dodgy decisions by the umpires mean that Ambridge loses. Sid is very upset, and it seems that Adam is too – but it’s not the cricket that’s getting to him; he’s furious that Brian could talk to David, but not to Jennifer, and that he still hasn’t spoken to Alice, Kate or Debbie. Adam can’t bear to think what all this is doing to Jennifer.

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