Alice leaves the country; Calum arrives at Jaxx.

Radio Times: Kenton speaks as one who knows.

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  • Alice is packed but Adam has to take her to Home Farm en route to the airport. She fears a big reconciliation scene with her dad but she still can’t forgive him. She doesn’t want to be horrible but she doesn’t want to pretend.
  • Calum drops in at Jaxx and finds Emma at work. He realises that Assistant Catering Manager is rather talking the job up. Kenton’s reference to part time nearly gives away the fact that she has a child – nearly, but not quite.
  • Brian is indeed hoping to have some time alone with Alice before she goes away. When she finally arrives with Adam, Jennifer engineers a few moments for him but it is to no avail; he wants to make his peace but Alice makes it clear that he had hurt her too much: she cannot change the way she feels. Brian does not go to the airport.
  • Calum takes his leave and Kenton takes Emma to task for embellishing some aspects of her life – and leaving out somebody rather important, George.
  • Alice sets off and Jennifer reflects that all of her daughters are now abroad and Alice will probably never come back. Adam did, he points out; she still has him – and Ruairidh. Maybe Africa will give Alice a different perspective.
  • Kenton feels that a heart to heart is needed. Emma admits that she hasn’t told Calum about George. She agrees that she wouldn’t want to be with someone who didn’t accept and like George, so she must tell him – and soon.

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