Fallon cheers up. Roy and Hayley are cheered up. Brian sees nothing to cheer him.

Radio Times: Roy and Hayley find a home sweet home.

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  • Brian has been in a foul mood since Alice left for SA. He blames Adam for a bad crop, and won’t listen when Adam points out that Debbie approved it.
  • David is looking forward to the school visit, and calls to ask Adam for help. Adam’s glad to offer machinery and some empty bottles, which Ian will supply. He’s even more glad to have a listening ear as he moans about Brian.
  • Fallon cheers up when Ed suggests a day out. Later she asks Hayley for advice. Hayley suggests Lakey Hill and a picnic. She thinks no-one will disturb them there. Hayley clearly doesn’t know Ambridge.
  • Roy and Hayley view a house in Felpersham, and to their delight their offer is accepted.

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