Mike’s unhappy; Kathy’s terrified; Pat offers consolation all round.

Radio Times: Nigel experiences a conflict of interest.

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  • Mike is busy organising the fishing day, and finding it hard to get enough adult help. He tells Pat that he’s worried about his relationship with Wendy; she’s cancelled a date, and now says she can’t see him at the weekend as her daughter’s coming home. Added to that, the news of Roy and Hayley’s house purchase has upset him. Pat does her best to reassure him.
  • As the date of Owen’s preliminary hearing draws near, Kathy is in a terrible state. She’s terrified that he’ll get bail and come and find her. Sid tells her she mustn’t worry, and takes Jamie out to give her some space. Pat calls with some ice cream, and she, too, offers support and encouragement.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth get another visit from DS Collins. He wants to know more about the nature of the relationship between Owen and Kathy. They each tell it as they saw it – that he and Kathy were quite close and spent time together. When Collins has gone, Nigel and Elizabeth wonder whether they have said the right thing; it sounded very much as though they though the two were in a relationship.

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