Alice prepares for University; it’s Chris, not her mum, who will escort her there.

Radio Times: Alice makes the most of her final hours in Ambridge.

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  • It may be just after lunch but Alice is bent on trying a recipe from her new student cookbook – with a little help from Chris. He has actually promised his dad that he will help him later, but Alice takes precedence, especially on her last weekend at home.
  • Lilian goes without fear where David hesitates: Mrs Noakes’ poster is torn off its (probably illegal) place on a lamp post.
  • Eating their cooking on top of lunch was not such a good idea; a bloated Alice urges Christopher not to squeeze her too tight – though squeezing is not ruled out altogether! They are both going to miss each other; Chris seems destined to become very familiar with the road to Southampton – starting next weekend, since Alice invites him to drive down with her.
  • Lilian reports to Jennifer on Matt’s encounter with Louise. Jennifer cannot understand any mother not wanting to reconnect with her lost child. But Louise knows what she wants; she was sharp enough to send Lilian out for a smoke so as to be able to talk to Matt alone. It makes Lilian admire her sister even more.
  • Ruth is rather pleased that Pip has been diverted from saving the planet and is showing concern for her friend Izzy, heart-broken from being dumped.
  • Jennifer puts up a brave fight when Alice drops the news that mum will not be required to take her to University next weekend, but to no avail; Chris assures her that he doesn’t mind, indeed he would like to go.

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