Alistair helps a new member of Gamblers Anonymous and Ed lines up an interview on the radio.

Radio Times: Ed gets his fifteen minutes of fame.

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  • Alistair is slow starting this morning and is en route for another TB test at Grange Farm – so he cannot stop now to look at Shula’s latest livery horse which seems to be going lame.
  • Eddie is helping Ed at Grange Farm but needs to rush off to Willow Farm to dig a trench for drains; he has already done the footings. Ed has looked at a flat in Hollerton but it was no good – perhaps it’s for the best. Alistair is interested in plans for the Open Day and suggests approaching Radio Borchester.
  • At Willow Farm, the building inspector has pronounced that the footings need to be 150mm deeper. Eddie will do the necessary and the drains will have to wait.
  • Eventually Alistair has time to look at the horse and to explain to Shula why last night’s GA meeting kept him awake. There was a new member and Alistair felt he could help him, as Maurice did for him.
  • Calamity! Eddie’s digging has been brought to an unscheduled halt when they discover a well in the line if the footings. This could set the timescale back and increase the cost but Eddie is content to let Jason tell Roy the bad news. Ed catches up with his dad to give him the good news – he is going to be interviewed on Radio Borsetshire.

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