Alice proves her worth.

Radio Times: A day of reckoning for Alice.

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  • Alice is in a state of nerves as she prepares to go and pick up her exam results. Adam does his best to encourage her. She promises to ring him, and Jennifer, as soon as she knows how she’s done – but not Brian. When Alice hears that Ian is taking Ruairidh to fly a kite he’s bought, Alice relapses into sullen silence.
  • Clarrie’s on edge, too, as she prepares for their visit to Aberdeen. To her, it’s a holiday as well as a funeral visit, but she’s worried about leaving Joe. Eddie doesn’t help by moaning that he doesn’t want to be away when the hunt for the boa constrictor is on.
  • Brian has mixed feelings about the kite flying. While it gives him a chance to catch up on his paperwork, he doesn’t like Ian looking after Ruairidh. Adam reminds him that Ian is family now – but Brian doesn’t want to hear that. He wonders how Alice has done.
  • Alice has managed 3 As and a B, and is delighted. She meets Amy, who has 2 Bs and a C – not much compared with Alice, but good enough to get her on to the Midwifery course she wants. Relations between them are a little less chilly. Alice immediately rings Jennifer, who shares Alice’s excitement, though is somewhat uncertain about Alice’s decision to go to Southampton rather than Leeds, so that she can follow through her plans for a career in the RAF.
  • Jennifer immediately rings Brian, who is very pleased to hear the news. He wants to go and see Alice, to tell her how proud of her he is.

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