Brian can’t win with Alice. Will seems set to win with Nic.

Radio Times: The gulf widens for Brian and Alice.

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  • Mike sets out to enjoy a few hours at the fishing lake, but is interrupted by Brian and Ruairidh. Mike seems to find Ruairidh something of an embarrassment by virtue of his odd relationship to Phoebe, though he is kind to the little boy, and lets him help to weigh a fish he’s caught.
  • Having packed Ruairidh off to Lower Loxley for a sleepover, Brian goes round to congratulate Alice on her results. She remains very cold and distant, and is not impressed by the cheque he offers her, or the champagne he brings. She claims she’s tired, and goes off to bed, leaving Adam to console a distressed Brian.
  • Will and Nic settle down to their child-free evening together. By way of entertainment, Will digs out the Grundy family photos. He’d like Nic to meet his parents, and Nic agrees that the time seems right. They enjoy a long kiss, and Nic suggests another – upstairs. The strains of Barwick Green draw a decent veil over the rest of the evening.

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