Alice returns, oblivious to the drama – and so it had better remain!

Radio Times: Jennifer puts on a brave face.

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  • Jennifer is clearly suspicious that Brian’s phone call is from Siobhán but apparently it is Debbie, reporting her efforts to find a new contractor; it will easier without Alice. Jennifer is determined to go to the airport alone, to minimise the risk of Alice picking up an atmosphere.
  • Pip is weary of Josh’s talk of the May Day race but she has a fancy dress idea that carries the day: they will go as cows, with her as a milkmaid (nice one Pip!) and Ben as her bucket!
  • Alice is full of her visit to Hungary; they took in a spa and a stud farm. Debbie has an admirer. So what is the gossip here? Oh, nothing! Brian gets a greeting from his daughter but no news yet: Spearmint has just been brought home by Shula and takes priority.
  • Shula tries to talk Alice into entering the May Day race but, having taken two weeks off, she daren’t. Exams begin at the end of May.
  • Shula later returns a weary David to Brookfield; cricket practice has been pure torture. She likes the idea of cow costumes but they will need to practice cycling in them, especially if they are to have full udders.
  • Jennifer lays down the law to Brian: Alice needs calm. She knows that ‘those two’ are on his mind 24 hours a day but his protestations about Siobhán’s vulnerability fall on deaf ears; he must concentrate on the child he does have.

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