Nigel gets a lecture from Bert. Brian gets nowhere with Jennifer.

Radio Times: Bert gets some local knowledge.

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  • Bert has been doing intensive research at the library in his bid to become a guide at Lower Loxley. He gives Nigel the full benefit of his historical knowledge, and Nigel has to summon up all his tact before telling Bert that he will almost certainly be taken on as a room guide – but that he will have to do more homework in order to focus on the history of Lower Loxley itself.
  • Jennifer is very cold towards Brian, and refuses to stop and talk, saying she has to go and look after Jack. When Ruth calls, looking for Adam, Brian is downright rude.
  • When Jennifer returns, Brian tries again to make her see his point of view, but he gets nowhere. Siobhán’s comment about Ruairidh’s eyes lighting up at the sight of Brian makes Jennifer realise that his ‘Hungary’ trips were a cover for seeing Siobhán, and she is furious with him for lying to her. As ever, Brian is not listening, and he again begs her to take Ruairidh. This time Jennifer spells it out – she will never, under any circumstances, take Ruairidh into her home.

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