Eddie and Joe say farewell to their guilty secret. Brian says farewell to Siobhán.

Radio Times: The truth comes out at Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • Fences are mended at Brookfield, as Alistair calls by with some fund-raising leaflets for David to distribute, and is asked to look at a sick ewe. He refuses a call-out fee, and supplies medication for the animal’s footrot; David is both grateful and relieved.
  • While Clarrie has a major Spring-clean, Joe and Eddie exercise the ferrets. They fail to notice an open window, and Clarrie overhears their gloating over the way Eddie has raised the sponsorship while continuing to drink. Clarrie is furious, and makes them both go down to the church to fix the blocked toilet. When Joe protests, she tells him he’s an accomplice in crime, and just as guilty as the duplicitous Eddie.
  • Brian takes Siobhán to the airport. He feels that he has handled everything badly, but Siobhán seems to understand Jennifer; she can even see why Brian married her, and why he stays with her. Brian still insists that Jennifer will come round to the idea of taking Ruairidh, but Siobhán isn’t convinced. Brian protests his love for Siobhán and Ruairidh – and, of course, Jennifer. Somehow it all sounds rather empty. Brian promises to come to Dublin very soon.

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