Jennifer meets Siobhán and gives her a final answer.

Radio Times: Jennifer faces her nemesis.

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  • Nigel’s wine is being delivered today, and he has no time for the niceties of greeting his brother-in-law. Kenton wants to know what Lizzie is planning for her 40th birthday, and is disappointed to hear that all she wants is a weekend away with Nigel. Lizzie humours him, but isn’t having any form of celebration arranged by Kenton.
  • A tense Jennifer goes to Lower Loxley to meet Siobhán. She makes her position clear from the outset; she won’t consider having Ruairidh at Home Farm. Siobhán asks what made her change her mind, and soon it becomes clear that Brian has lied to both of them. Siobhán apologises to Jennifer, but this meets only with anger. Jennifer accuses Siobhán of causing her agony; Siobhán points out that her own agony is far greater – she won’t be there when her child most needs her. She begs Jennifer to give him a home, but it’s no use. Jennifer refuses to accept Ruairidh, and that’s that.

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