Alice’s dinner party is a failure and Kate’s business is rapidly becoming a failure

Radio Times: Alice’s evening ends in disaster and Fallon takes up a challenge

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  • Kate drops in on Alice for a moan about being told different things about the contamination and not really knowing what is going on. It seems that Spiritual Home is on the way to becoming an empty home with cancelled bookings and disappearing therapists. Alice is still sore about Price-Baumann, and tells Kate the dinner for Harrison and Fallon is to make up to Chris for being so grouchy recently. Kate thinks alcohol might be the solution, but Alice does nor seem keen. Kate is asked to stay for dinner, but she has agreed to eat at Home Farm.
  • Alice rings Chris to ask him to buy some extra ingredients, and to tell him she loves him, and wants to spend time with him. A somewhat puzzled Chris asks if her sister is still there.
  • Harrison thinks they should go to a dance after the meal with Chris and Alice, but Fallon isn’t keen. It would seem odd to leave the meal early. She is envious of Chris and Alice’s lovely home. Woodbine Cottage needs so much DIY, and she is not sure that Harrison has the skills.
  • Tension runs high in Alice’s kitchen and she continues to reject the offer of a drink to steady her nerves. Fallon quickly beats a retreat, and joins the menfolk in time to hear Harrison wax lyrical about huge TV screens. Banter about DIY ensues, and Harrison suggests that Fallon take on Alan’s lent Challenge. Fallon thinks he might be the better candidate.
  • Alice serves the meal, which is a disaster. The Koftas have fallen apart and the flat-breads resemble table tennis bats. Conversation proves difficult, and the guests leave as soon as they decently can to spend their evening in Fallon’s big armchair.
  • Chris asks why Alice is not drinking and why she was so silent. She claims to be upset about the meal, and about her need to apologise for last week. Reluctantly she agrees to a nightcap.

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