The pressure on Brian mounts, while Will finds a release from his pressures.

Radio Times: Clarrie attempts to calm the waters

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  • Exasperated beyond measure, Jennifer rounds on Brian, accusing him of avoiding Kate, who has gone to comfort Alice after the dinner party fiasco. She feels that all their children are facing problems, and Brian must tell them the truth. Furiously, Brian storms off, claiming to be busy.
  • On the verge of tears, Clarrie tells Eddie that Joe has refused his breakfast. With Will not eating either, she is at a loss to know how to help them. Eddie reminds her that Poppy is watching TV, and Clarrie shouldn’t let her see how distressed she is. Ruth then appears, and in her best caring voice tells Clarrie that she must look after herself. Eddie explains that they just can’t manage to get Joe and Will in the same room. Ruth suggests that this is exactly what he should try to do. Eddie comments on Brian’s understanding; Will’s job is still open whenever he wants to come back. Ruth’s caring voice goes up another notch as she talks of those we love most…
  • Jenny comes in to hear Brain shouting at Kate down the phone. It seems that Kate has told him she knows who to blame for Spiritual Home’s decline. Brian tells Jenny that she must tell Kate to go easy on him. Oh, anything you want, Brian , she says sarcastically.
  • Ruth moves on to Home Farm, where Brian tells her there is nothing to worry about. Ruth points out that she is there to represent Ruairi’s interests, so why was she not told about the Price Baumann matter? Brian is shutting her out. Brain informs her that he doesn’t need Ruth or anyone else to tell him how to run his business. As Brian storms off, Jenny apologises.
  • Will is late picking Poppy up from Clarrie because he fell asleep. Clarrie tells him that Poppy is with Helen; she has had a lovely time playing with Jack. Will actually sounds pleased, and while Clarrie goes to make a phone call, Will agrees to put the kettle on. The phone call proves to be a ploy, since Eddie and Joe appear. At first there is a strained silence, but Will offers them a cup of tea and apologises to Joe. He knows he was wrong to speak as he did, and says that Nic loved Joe, so would have been pleased that he was there when she dies. Joe tells Will not to go on punishing himself, and Will breaks down at last. How will he cope with the children? And little Poppy might forget Nic. Joe gently assures him that they will never let that happen.
  • Jenny finally lets rip at Brian. He simply must tell the children the truth. Brian puts up all sorts of arguments – she must trust his judgement. he promises it will all turn out all right in the end. No, replies Jenny. They will find out the truth in the end and blame me.

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